Cortisone and Other Injectables

It is true that cortisone is covered in some cases under OHIP/ODB, particularly in hospital, inpatient settings. However, as we're a community clinic, in an outpatient setting which isn't designated as a chronic pain clinic, the Ministry of Health does not cover this directly.

What's more, we do not have a pharmacy on site and do not provide direct billing to insurers. This is to reduce the number of administrative tasks for the front desk, allowing them to focus on other patient-related tasks and overall care.

As a solution, our clinic buys all the materials needed for injections ahead of time from a convenience standpoint. Charging for cortisone and other injectables simply covers our cost.

Options for patients include the following:

1. Pay for the cost of cortisone at the time of appointment, and if private insurance is available, independently submit this at a later point. Please note that insurance plans do vary, and that the insurer may still not cover the cost if obtained outside a pharmacy.

2. Request a prescription from the physician, which can then be brought at a future follow-up appointment at no additional cost to you. Unfortunately, same-day accommodations cannot be provided given scheduling conflicts, but every attempt will be made to have this scheduled within a reasonable time frame.

Thank you for your understanding!

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